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100 Million Unnecessary Returns: A Fresh Start for the
U.S. Tax System by Michael Graetz
full article
The flogging Mel Gibson demands By Christopher Hitchens
Open Secret: Dick Cheney's dubious history and unprecedented role are hidden in plain view. Luckily, it's becoming an issue in the election by Robert Kuttner
Our columnist responds to his mail by Jonathan Alter
On both the foreign policy and the fiscal fronts, the Bush
administration is trying to rewrite history by Paul Krugman
How to put the military budget on a diet.
By Fred Kaplan
Democratic candidates have an electability problem due to a
significant, but unnoticed, structural divide in American
presidential politics by DANIEL H. PINK
Halliburton excels in the fine art of extracting riches from
the government while going to great lengths to escape
paying its fair share of taxes By BOB HERBERT
Dishonor Guard: The press is lining up to defend George W. Bush's National Guard record -- by stubbornly refusing to discuss the facts By Paul Waldman
The right cleverly blames the deficit on George Bushs
domestic spending, but tax cuts and tax evasion by the
wealthy are the real culprits By PAUL KRUGMAN

Sen. Orrin Hatch: If this conservative senator isn't safe from conservative attacks, is anyone? By Michael Crowley
The Tortured, Not the Torturers, Are Ashamed by David Shapiro
Child Care Policy Reform and the Employment of Single Mothers
by Jay Bainbridge, Marcia K. Meyers, and Jane Waldfogel
The Culture of Welfare Reform By Lawrence M. Mead
Enslaved by Free Trade
By George Monbiot
Election Year Fever by Molly Ivins
Whatever you thought about global warming, it's probably wrong by Fred Pearce
The White House Initiative to Combat AIDS: Learning from Uganda by Joseph Loconte
Are we eating our way into a collective depression? If so, there's an easy way out, says Meredith F. Small. With the right balance of fats in our diet, maybe we can ditch the antidepressants
Space-based missiles could save the world by Eugenie Samuel
Earth 's ancient heat wave gives a taste of things to come by Jeff Hecht
MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPERS It's official, kids really do take a very long time to grow up. Meredith F. Small wonders whether an evolutionary trick designed to help the family out has backfired on today's parents
Sweet but deadly: All the low-fat ready meals in the supermarket won't save you from heart disease by Gail Vines
Money is short and time is running out, so how can we get the biggest bang for our eco-buck? by James Randerson
Eat more, weigh less, live longer? by Philip Cohen
The essential ingredient: Without science, rich countries could never have achieved economic growth. Their failure to invest in research in developing countries is undermining efforts to fight poverty, disease and environmental destruction by Jeffrey Sachs
Suspicion is growing that one of the most common human parasites in the
world is messing with our minds by James Randerson
The Wrong Way To Fix The Vote
by Greg Palast
THE GREAT FLORIDA EX-CON GAME How the felon voter-purge was itself felonious
 by Greg Palast
SILENCE OF THE MEDIA LAMBS: The Election Story Never Told
Greg Palast
Florida's flawed "voter-cleansing" program - Salon.com's politics story of the year
PILLS ARE NOT THE ANSWER for women unable to enjoy sex by Shere Hite
How Washington Really Works by Charles Peters
Lucky escape: Only chance saved Earth from being engulfed by an ozone hole by Fred Pearce
Charitable Sharing: A Tort Reform Proposal by Stefan Toepler and Jon B. Gould
Momma Mia: Italian Women Are Terrifying Demographers by Fred Pearce
Bush 2004 Campaign Pledges To Restore Honor And Dignity To White House
by The Onion

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