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My Recommendations for a better America

  • Slap a buyer's cartel fee of $315 on each barrel of oil or petroleum products costing more than $30. Provide federal funding to build at least 62,000 US roundabouts. Ban cash for clunkers.
  • Add a 95 cents per gallon federal sales tax on all fuels derived from oil. Increase the tax with the monthly CPI plus four cents per gallon each month for the next 39 years. Ban cap and trade.
  • Create a $54 per ton (of carbon emissions) negative externality tax on fossil fuel generated electricity consumed within the US. Increase the tax with the CPI plus two dollars each year for the next 49 years. Require all two-stroke engines to have retrofit kits installed that eliminate at least 80 percent of harmful emissions. Require all marine engines entering US waters to meet strict emissions standards. Do not allow any ship burning bunker fuel to enter U.S. waters. Require all local, state, and federal government entities to use bulbs with the lowest overall costs in light fixtures. Ban the use of corn stover for electrical production.
  • Use 0.6 percent of federal spending for energy storage research and alternative energy research, especially batteries and supercapacitors.
  • Create electronic vouchers to inspect and weatherize utility using US buildings not already inspected. Mail (with instructions) to every US household an Ambient Orb, Kill-A-Watt, electric mattress pad, mini power minder, window bubble wrap, and compact fluorescent light bulb or cheaper equivalents for Christmas. Implement the Energy Future Coalition conservation prescriptions:
  • Ban all NIMBY lawsuits, zoning ordinances, and HOA regulations for energy conservation and non-fossil fuel sources of energy.
  • Eliminate fuel economy rules (CAFE) for vehicles.
  • Spend $81 million more per year on thorium energy research and development.
  • Require countdown timers at all traffic lights.
  • Create a GPS air traffic control system.
  • Create fast-track approval for new nuclear reactors. Legalize nuclear fuel reprocessing.
  • J.T. Fournier, last updated 7/21/09


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