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My Recommendations for a better America

1. Covenant marriage:

At the time of any divorce in a covenant marriage:

If both individuals want a no-fault divorce, immediately grant a no-fault divorce. If one or both individuals want an at-fault divorce, immediately grant the divorce and decide post-divorce duties and rights via legal proceedings later.

2. An automatic no-fault at divorce marriage that immediately grants divorce.

  • Work to equalize Social Security benefits for spouses.
  • Eliminate funding for family preservation programs.
  • Automatically tax the gifts, inheritances, net income, and fringe benefits of noncustodial parents of minor children to provide child support. Tax at 15 percent for those with one child up to a maximum payment of $36,000 per year, at 24 percent for those with two children up to a maximum payment of $57,000 per year, at 30 percent for those with three children up to a max of $77,000 per year. Add four percent and $21,000 to the max for each child beyond three up to a maximum of 46 percent. Divide payments among custodial parents on a per child basis, except when the costodial parent of a disabled child deserves a greater percentage. Create a federal parent locator service to assist in enforcement of child support. Require noncustodial parents not paying required child support to attend a program similar to Charles Ballard's. Require 47 hours of community service every time a parent gets behind more than an amount equal to one month's child support payment.
  • Require parents or guardians convicted of child abuse or neglect or have had a child removed because of abuse or neglect for more than one month to undergo mandatory vasectomy or tubal ligation. Require babies born drug addicted or with fetal alcohol syndrome to be immediately placed for adoption. Prohibit the sale of alcohol and cigarrettes to pregnant women.
  • J.T. Fournier, last updated February 23, 2010


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