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book reviews, articles at the good, the true, the beautiful


Links to some noteworthy, soporific or stealth tyranny promoting writings:

New Economic Perspectives
New York Times Most Emailed
New Scientist
Beat the Press
Human Varieties
National Interest
HBD Chick
Center for Biosecurity of UPMC
Strategy Page
Paul Krugman Blog
The Social Contract
Naked Capitalism
Economists View
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Citizens for Tax Justice
The Religion of Peace
New Yorker
West Hunter
BPS Research Digest
Foreign Policy
Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Soeren Kern
Common Dreams
Washington Monthly
Vermont Commons
Mind Hacks
Gives Me Hope
American Conservative
Nick Bostrom
Copenhagen Consensus
Numbers USA
Wilson Quarterly
Steve Keen's Debtwatch
The Fjordman Files
Preventing Crime: What Works...
Excellent Summary of Preventing Crime: What Works...
Promising Practices
All Things Nuclear
Arms Control Association
Visions of Empire
The Diplomat
Atomic Insights
Laurie Garrett
Real Clear Defense
Reddit Environment
Reddit Energy
Reddit Science
Reddit Psychology
Reddit Health
Reddit Frugal
Reddit Economics
Reddit IR Studies
Reddit Geopolitics
The Audacious Epigone