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Welcome to The Good, the True, the Beautiful. I'm J.T. Fournier. My site is dedicated to serving moral beings throughout the universe. It features book reviews and arguments on ethics, philosophy, psychology, democracy, education, economics, critical thinking and public policies, with some other things thrown in. Many of the books are compared, ranked and rated. Listed at right are the books reviewed on this site, with the ratings to the left of the titles.

Several of the reviews such as the review of Schick and Vaugh are quick reviews I wrote because the files I wrote the original reviews on will not open. Reviews of Preventing Crime by Lawrence Sherman, The Academic Achievement Challenge by Jeane Chall and several other books will not be posted because the disks they were on were stolen along with the backup disks on February seventh. I would like to thank for providing this free site. I would also like to thank the hard working experts out there for delivering so many wonderful ideas in the thousands of books and periodicals that I have been fortunate to read.


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Book reviews: 
Important or Interesting Books or Both... or Neither:
10 Economics at the Wheel --Richard C. Porter
10 True Security --Michael J. Graetz and Jerry Mashaw 
9 Nobody's Children --Elizabeth Bartholet 
9 True Security --Michael J. Graetz and Jerry Mashaw 
8 Real Choices/New Voices -- Douglas J. Amy
7 Will America Grow Up Before It Grows Old --Peter Peterson 
7 The Feminine Economy and the Economic Man --Shirley Burggraf 
7 Inside American Education --Thomas Sowell 
7 Luxury Fever --Robert Frank 
7 Rewarding Work --Edmund S. Phelps
6 Growing Up with a Single Parent --Sara McClanahan and G. Sandefuer 
6 The Great American Tax Dodge --Barlett and Steele 
6 Patient Power --John C. Goodman and Gerald Musgrave 
5 The Age of Diminished Expectations and 
The Accidental Theorist --Paul Krugman 
3 Promises to Keep --David Popenoe and others
2 The Abolition of Marriage --Maggie Gallagher 
2 Jefferson's Children --Leon Botstein 
1 Restoring Prosperity --Jeff Faux and others
1 Posterity Lost --Richard Gill 
1 The Greedy Hand --Amity Shlaes
1 The Stakeholder Society –Anne Alstott and Bruce Ackerman 
1 Myths of Rich and Poor –Cox and Alm 
0 The Baby Boon --Elinor Burkett 
Not rated or ranked:
Common Schools, Uncommon Futures: A Working Consensus for School Renewal --Barry S. Kogan, editor
The Price of Motherhood --Ann Crittendon
The War Against Parents --Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Cornel West 
The Paradox of American Democracy --John Judis 
Is Our Children Learning? --Paul Begala 
The Great Disruption --Francis Fukuyama 
Reducing Poverty in American --Michael Darby, editor 
The End of Education --Neil Postman 
What's Worth Fighting for in Your School --Fullan and Hargreaves 

Thinking Books: 
9 Hard Thinking --John D. Mullen 
9 Decision Making: Its Logic and Practice --John Mullen and Byron Roth 
7 How to Think About Weird Things --Theodore Schick and L. Vaughn 
7 Understanding Scientific Reasoning --Ronald Giere 
7 Strategies for Creative Problem Solving --H. Scott Fogler 
6 Thinking and Deciding --Jonathan Baron 
6 Logic and Contemporary Rhetoric --Howard Kahane 
5 Tools of Critical Thinking : Metathoughts for Psychology --D. A. Levy
0 Unlimited Power --Anthony Robbins
Not rated or ranked:
Plagues of the Mind -–Bruce Thornton 
Understanding Those Who Create --Jane Piirto 

Introductory Ethics 
10 The Limits of Safety --Scott D. Sagan 
10 The New Killer Diseases --Elinor Levy and Mark Fischetti 
10 Twenty Ways the World Could End –Corey S. Powell 
9 War Scare --Peter Pry 
9 Elements of Moral Philosophy –James Rachels 
9 Nuclear Monopoly --George H. Quester 
7 Everyday Morality --Mike W. Martin 
6 A Practical Companion to Ethics –Anthony Weston
6 Judgment Misguided: Intuition and Error…--Jonathan Baron 
6 All Consuming Century --Gary Cross 
6 Seducing America: How Television Charms…--Roderick P. Hart 
6 Everyday Ethics --Joshua Halberstam 
5 Seven Ethical Theories --Robert Wellert 
4 One Nation, Two Cultures --Gertrude Himelfarb 
3 How Much is Enough? --Alan Durning 
3 Think a Second Time --Dennis Prager 
2 Virtue and Vice --Christina Hoff Summers 
0 Bobos in Paradise --David Brooks 
Not rated or ranked:
Half Penny on the Federal Dollar--M. O'Hanlon and Carol Graham 
The Best American Magazine Writing 2000 --Clay Felker, editor
Perspectives on AID and Development --Catherine Gwin and others 
Players and Issues in International Aid –Paula Hoy 
The Alms Bazaar --Ian Smillie 
How Could You Do That? --Laura Schlessinger
The Ten Stupid Things Men... --Laura Schlessinger
The Ten Stupid Things Women... --Laura Schlessinger
The Ten Commandments --Laura Schlessinger
Pricing the Priceless Child --Vivian Zelizer
Target Earth --Duncan Steel and Reader's Digest
Capitalism, the Market, the ''Underclass,'' and the Future by Barry Schwartz
Time for Life --John P. Robinson and Geoffrey Godbey 

College Level Ethics 
10 Power and Prosperity --Mancur Olson 
8 Contracting for Development --Rueben Berrios 
8 Autonomy and Self-Respect --Thomas E. Hill 
7 Self-Deception and Morality --Mike W. Martin 
7 Care and Commitment --Jeffrey Blustein 
6 The Virtues -- Robert B. Kruschwitz and Robert C. Roberts 
5 Culture of Cynicism --Richard Stivers 
3 Freedom and Its Discontents --Peter Marin 
0 Maternal Thinking --Sara Ruddick 
Not rated or ranked:
Technology as Magic --Richard Stivers 
Explorations of Value --Thomas Magnell, editor 

Miscellaneous Works: 
Are You Normal? --Bernice Kanner
Mean Genes --Terry Burnham and Jay Phelan 
The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager --Thomas Hine 
War of the Worlds --Mark Slouka 
Amusing Ourselves to Death --Neil Postman 
I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional --Wendy Kaminer
The Plug-In Drug --Marie Winn
Contract Ethics --Howard Kahane
It's the Media, Stupid —Jim Nichols and Robert McChesney
The Geography of Nowhere –William Howard Kuntsler 
Beyond Prozac --Michael J. Norden
The Future of War --George and Meredith Friedman 

Narrative Works: 
10 The Cliff Walk --Don J. Snyder 
6 Jack Faust --Michael Swanwick
0 White Noise -–Don DeLillo

General and Political Philosophy 
10 There Are Two Errors in The The Title of This Book --R. M. Martin 
8 The Big Questions --Robert Solomon 
8 Overcoming Welfare --James L. Payne 
6 Kierkegaard's Philosophy: Self-Deception and Cowardice…--J. Mullen 
5 Government's End: Why Washington Stopped… --Jonathan Rauch 
4 Contemporary Political Philosophy --Will Kymlicka 
0 The Disciplined Mind --Howard Gardner 
Not Rated or Ranked:
The Great Conversation --Norman Melchert 
The Mysterious Flame --Colin McGinn 
The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener --Martin Gardner 
Contemporary Perspectives on Religious Epistimology --R. Douglas Geivett and others, eds. 
Word and Spirit : A Kierkegaardian Critique of the Modern Age --Ronald L. Hall 

10 The Nurture Assumption --Judith Rich Harris 
8 Losing Control --Roy Baumeister and others
8 White Bears and Other Unwanted Thoughts --Daniel Wegner 
8 Passion and Reason --Bernice and Richard Lazarus 
7 The Marriage Clinic --John Gottman 
7 Evil --Roy Baumeister 
6 Flow --Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
4 Management of the Absurd --Richard Farson
2 The 10 Dumbest Mistakes Smart… --Arthur Freeman and Rose Dewolf
0 Happiness Is a Serious Problem --Dennis Prager 
Not rated or ranked:
The New Behaviorism --John Staddon
Breakdown of Will --George Ainslie
Evolutionary Psychology --David Buss
Punished by Rewards --Alfie Kohn 
Beyond Discipline --Alfie Kohn 
Three Seductive Ideas --Jerome Kagan 
From Behavioral Science to Behavior Modification -- Harry Kalish

Stats and Stuff
10 Tax Expenditures: The Hidden Entitlements – Robert McIntyre and Citizens for Tax Justice 
7 The State of Working America –Lawrence Mishel and others 
0 Bill Gates Grants Self 18 Dexterity…--The Onion