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What's Worth Fighting for in Your School  by Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves

A good thing about hackneyed ideas is they are often true. A bad thing is... well, they are hackneyed. I highly recommend this work to those raised on Mars or in front of a television. For those who have been expose to more than say... five or six ideas in their lifetime there is not much new here.


The authors’ prescriptions: Work together, avoid burnout, think for yourself, skip perfectionism, do brainstorm, conduct research, ignore fads, be democratic, see the big picture, have an inner life, value yourself, plan well, improve continuously, stay away from shortcuts, take well-reasoned risks, have a balanced life, monitor events. Whew, done. Not recommended.

Book review article by J.T. Fournier, last updated July 26, 2009


My Home Page with Links to My Other Book Reviews