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Headlines If Muslims Conquered the United States


Men's Health

Killer Abs: The Best Way to Protect Internal Organs from Random Beatings


U.S. News and World Report

Ranking Terrorist Training Camps

Bonus: Terrorist Training Camp Best Buys


National Review

Bill Clinton Completely to Blame


The Nation

Reparations for Injured Terrorists Now



So He Didn't Call the Next Day, It's Better Than an Honor Killing


The Futurist

Warlord: Job Trend or Dead End?



Public Executions Bonus Section


O: The Oprah Magazine

Lose 30 Pounds the Easy Way: Legs Hacked Off for Walking Outside without Permission


New York Times

Former Chief of Staff Sued for Use of "Raping Women" Phrase



A New Opium Policy on the Horizon?



Interview with a Muslim Princess


Wall Street Journal

New Leaders Unite Against Class Warfare and

Capital Gains Taxes Must Be Eliminated Now More Than Ever



How He Did It: Business Strategy from a Muslim Genius

Flat Taxes Needed Now More Than Ever



Is Waxing Unholy?



Out with the Old, In with the New Dating Tips

Tip #42: Don't Do Anything without Permission



Island Retreats of the Rich: Are There Any Left?



Goodbye Sexist Advertising



Ex-Welfare State Bureaucrats Pose Threat to Freedom Loving Muslims


Working Woman

No More Glass Ceilings, No More Glass Windows, No More Glass Slippers


Better Homes and Gardens

Turf Wars: What to Do When Someone Murders Your Family and Occupies Your House


Sky and Telescope

New Origin of Universe Theory Promoted



The Return to 1950s Repression?



Brittney Spears: Our Final Woman of the Year



Keep Turning Those Cheeks


Popular Mechanics

First Look at Camel Portable Ski Jets



Herbal Remedies from Smakstanbul


Reader's Digest

Drama in Real Life: How My 14-Year-Old Neighbor Delayed the Conquest One Day




Sa[fold here]nta Claus from Smaks[fold here]tan


Muscle and Fitness

Protect Your Knees Before You Pray: 12 Strengthening and Stretching Exercises



Women We Aren't Allowed to Love Any More



Gold Hot, Money Not


Paris Match

Au Revoir Le Mickey Mouse


Modern Maturity

Where's Clint Eastwood?



Keeping Kids Innocent When They Have Witnessed Thousands of Real Murders


Alternative Press Review

White Male Oppresors Completely to Blame


Rolling Stone

The Day the Music Died, Part XXII


Social Text

Deconstructing the Deconstruction of the Destruction


The Economist

Keep Trade Flowing


Ladies Home Journal

Avoid Backyard Grilling with Unclean Animals



Fatima Aniston's and Mohommed Pitt's New Baby


Popular Science

Amazing Kidney Surgery with Sharpened Stones


Saturday Evening Post

In Times Like These We Need Timeless Wisdom from Benjamin Franklin



Church and Synagogue Burnings Up 1,455,000 Percent



No God, Know Peace



Long, Long, Loooong Skirts



Cool Veil Shopping!


Martha Stewart Living

Turn Those Thanksgiving Centerpieces into Ramadan Centerpieces

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by JT Fournier, last updated July 26, 2009


My Main Page with Links to My Other Book Reviews